14 de febrero de 2013

Noisy Channel

Information Theory and Coding Methods
Assignment 1

I realized that plotting the length of the word against the transmission success rate, in all probability graphs using different frequency zeros, seem to be related to the same function, which I believe is exponential.

This is one of the graphics given.

In the next two graphics we can appreciate all the information given by the programs and script.

The next graphic is for word length versus frequency of zeros, and the color is given by the average percentage of correct transmitions, so yellow indicate high percentage of correct transmitions and black is practically a bad level.

And here we have the same but with the difference that the average is releated with the radius of the bubbles.


For this assignment I write code in different languages, but I only run channel.sh in the terminal, and then channel.R inside the R console.






Noisy channel by Elisa Schaeffer

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  1. Quería una desviación estándar que te hubiera salido bien simple en R :/ 4 pts código.

    Lo de correr R en el terminal para poder juntar todo en un bash:

    El reporte vale 5.


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